Apparently two weeks from now the dslr of my dreams the Nikon D90 will be replaced and will sport a wave of features and upgrades. The most notable is the megapixel upgrade which went to 16MP from 12.1MP. Nikon really caught me here by surprise. I was expecting same megapixel count with few upgrades here and there. Other notables are the fps improvement of up to 8 frames per second and ISO that could be on par with the D700. I was more than happy to share this news because i am really looking forward for its release. Lets hope Nikon will keep the price within reach of enthusiasts looking for a mid-entry level dslr with semi-pro capabilities. I got this news and a few others from Nikonrumors, one of the site i regularly follow.

Assuming it will be released on mid September. I have three more months to wait for the actual purchase to happen as i am gonna spend my well earned bonus for this baby. Till then!;)

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