Gundam UC

Second trailer of Gundam UC. Expected to be released by end of October.
I don't own the clip. I found the trailer on youtube.



Experimental Shots

Fresh from tips i read online, grabbed the 500D and fired away..
Panning and Bulb shots, no photoshop required.



Coincidental Photoshoot

This is as lucky as it gets. I was suppose to rendezvous with a friend & fellow hobbyist to discuss an upcoming project and to practice shoot. Circumstances prevented it from happening but i got this instead. A fashion show presented itself before me. Perfect. What a way to de-stress after work!

Fashion Show " Assasins" - September 18, 2010
All shots taken using Canon 500D with 18-55mm kit lens


Nikon D7000 Unleashed

The long wait is over. D7000 was finally announced by Nikon and it is available on October 29,  you can pre-order it via popular online stores. Pricing starts at $1200 for the body only. I heard it comes with 18-105mm kit lens but im not sure about it yet.

Some features.
  • Approx 16.2 Million Effective Megapixel
  • Weather/Dust proof magnesium alloy body
  • Continuous High shooting of 6 frames per second
  • ISO 100 - 6400
  • Improved battery life
  • 39 Focus Points
  • Full HD movies
For indepth details click Nikon's Official Site

Nikon D7000 is said to replace the D90 but the way i see it its more like a new line of semi-pro DSLR rather than an upgrade. The features are drastically improved from D90. What we have here is a rugged weather-resistant body which we only see on top of the line models. This is indeed a steal for enthusiasts and i think it well sell like hot cakes as it will also cater for professionals looking for a backup camera.


time of the week

I've been busy @ work and a lot of things came up in the past week which needed utmost attention. Now is the time of the week where i get to rest errrr... work again this time on my hobby. My anti-stressant if there's such a word. Lately i started on my whip MG Sinanju from Gundam UC. It's a fun and very challenging hobby that needs a lot of patience and time. As of the moment im currently masking the parts which does not need to be painted, this is uber difficult.

drying of paint



Family vacation in Bolinao more than a year ago. The place is serene and lots of things to do even a 3d2n stay is not enough. Three waterfalls ( i think...) Lots of beach front resorts and two caves, not to mention the locals who are very kind and warm hearted. Bolinao is situated in the tip of Pangasinan province facing the South China Sea.

Photos taken by me using a camera phone.
Click to enlarge.

welcome to bolinao
i love this shot



Apparently two weeks from now the dslr of my dreams the Nikon D90 will be replaced and will sport a wave of features and upgrades. The most notable is the megapixel upgrade which went to 16MP from 12.1MP. Nikon really caught me here by surprise. I was expecting same megapixel count with few upgrades here and there. Other notables are the fps improvement of up to 8 frames per second and ISO that could be on par with the D700. I was more than happy to share this news because i am really looking forward for its release. Lets hope Nikon will keep the price within reach of enthusiasts looking for a mid-entry level dslr with semi-pro capabilities. I got this news and a few others from Nikonrumors, one of the site i regularly follow.

Assuming it will be released on mid September. I have three more months to wait for the actual purchase to happen as i am gonna spend my well earned bonus for this baby. Till then!;)



I guess this is addicting lols..;) Still lacking some sleep but decided to take snaps of my whip MG Sinanju from Gundam UC. Have not been able to take decent photos from the recently held Toy Fair in a local mall where i entried this in an exhibit. I guess better late than never! Here are some snaps from the gallery.

Just click image to enlarge!


Okay this is my first blog...what to write? Lets see, i've always been into photography but i never had a proper DSLR. For quite some time now i've been pondered by two thoughts, buying a dslr and upgrading a certain auto part. Im kinda leaning towards the the dslr ever since my brother in-law bought a canon 500D entry level slr. I have had some few chances where i got my hands on and made my first couple of amateurish shots and created a gallery on my fb account. Im not gonna say they are good but they ain't bad either. Haha if anyone wants a peep, email me and i'll gladly send you a link.;)

I want to share these sample shots i took...click image to enlarge